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Interested in ecology?  The NW's native plants include but 22 conifers, 36 broadleaved trees, 48 shrubs, plus vines, ground cover, ferns & pond plants.  You can view, touch, and smell them all in our uniquely focused NW native botanical garden, featuring ~mile of 100% level path.   
Interested in history?  150 years ago, the County census tallied but 44 pioneers, all single men.  Exit 215's restored buildings: ax hewn houses, old church, cemetery, schoolhouse, farm & gardens combine to tell a 3-dimensional story that trumps any textbook prose.   
Interested in life?  Explore memorials for both individuals and hundreds and millions sent to early deaths for their beliefs or because they were "different."  Pause to reflect on life as we today know it, as they once knew it, for "it" goes by quickly.   
Why?  As we quickly become like Delaware where 1/2 its native plants are extinct or endangered, we fail to appreciate Nature's beauty and balance; when we ignore an area's history, we fail to understand its repository of values and lessons learned; when we fail to contemplate life or death, we accept secular meaninglessness without thinking. 
Celebrate with us, in 3-dimensions, our ecology, history, and life's meaning in today's flat-screen world.  We have ~mile of wetland boardwalk and path designed for easy walking and wheelchairs - our service foci are those over age 70 and under age 7.  As a visitor, you will enter under Washington’s Recreational Use Statue – RCW 4.24.200 & .210 allowing public recreational use including nature study and viewing of scenic or scientific sites on private land. 
At this time there is no admission charge.  Please enjoy!

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