Bonhoeffer Botanical Gardens - & Glass Collection

Europe’s Roman roads endure, as will I-5’s Exit 215 just north of Stanwood, WA.  Whether it will site beautiful gardens and museums or look like South Tacoma and Smokey Point is the question. Bonhoeffer Botanical Gardens is a 10 acre garden directly off the exit dedicated to the native species of the Northwest and particularly the Puget Trough. It features level boardwalks designed for easy walking and wheelchairs.

Attached to the garden is the Historic Dano-Norweigan Freeborn Lutheran Church, restored to its 1900 condition.

Housed within the church is the Pilchuck Centerpiece Glass Collection, the only complete and growing collection of blown glass centerpieces produced by the Pilchuck Glass School for their once-a-year auction gala event.

Bonhoeffer Gardens is a vital community, with an active congregation in the historic Freeborn Lutheran Church, and a popular and engaged Stanwood Camano Learning Center Preschool.

Learning for Life!

The Gardens have become known for their Springtime Daffodil Festival when millions of daffodils cover the fields. 
Public support is appreciated; please join in this autumn's continuing project to plant Daffodil Hill with donated homestead narcissus; basket found behind the old church.  We have a goal of 1,000,000 daffodils with 400,000 already planted.
Bonhoeffer Botanical

Conditional Use Permit Narrative,
"The History and Original Vision for the Site"
Pilchuck Centerpiece Glass Collection

Freeborn Historic Church
and Cemetery